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Watch Frogs Eat Butterflies

Watch Frogs Eat Butterflies

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  • Bubbles

    Set in a Hawaiian play space, children learn all the exciting and interesting bubbles that can be created as Jeff Boyer, a bubble artist performs his bubble magic. For children at home or at school, this is the perfect opportunity to exercise fine motor skills and pop bubbles!

  • Who's Got a Belly?

    Children will joyfully follow along as they do the "Innie and Outie" dance in this hilarious favorite as seen on PBS Stations. Join Miss Merry as she pretends to be a game show host who transforms into different caricatures as children learn to identify their body parts while doing a fun dance. T...

  • Funny Farm

    In this hilarious video, children laugh at roosters who say "moo," cows that say "cock-a-doodle do," and several animals who mistakenly use the wrong animal sounds. For teachers, parents, and educators who understand the value of using word play to build pre literacy skills, this video facilitate...