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  • Five Senses

    Child viewers happily hum along while watching a story of a little boy who teaches them about the five senses. Children will learn "see, hear, touch, taste, and smell," as they hear a song and watch an upbeat video that associates the senses with real-life experiences. This video is also a wonder...

  • Butterfly

    Children pretend to be caterpillars that transform into butterflies in this highly imaginative production with original sets and costumes. Children are introduced to scientific concepts such as a "cocoon" in a playful and child appropriate way. It's a wonderful springboard into teaching children ...

  • Circle

Children learn how to form a circle by holding hands in this catchy classic production as seen on PBS stations. Not only do children learn social skills as they cooperate to form a circle but circular shapes are introduced and celebrated by a one of a kind hoola hoop artist. This video is perfec...