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  • Who's a Knockin'?

    In this classic video, a neighborhood pest knocks on doors in this child inspired crafted neighborhood playing knock-knock jokes on all of her neighbors. As children build pre-literacy skills in the early years, this video inspires endless child directed "knock-knock" jokes.

  • I Love You

    In this highly imaginative play space, Merry and children pretend play house and she sings about all the different ways she loves the children. Children feel nurtured and loved as they play along in this incredibly warm and child appropriate video.

  • Silly Animal Friends

    Children have a blast at a sleepover party as they engage in word play about silly animals such as a cow whose painting is in a "mooseum,” and a horse who is a noisy "naay-neigbor." This video is a great addition to any classroom, teacher or parent who sees the value in word play and its connecti...