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Up Next in Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Weekly Rental)

  • Shake It Loud

    Filmed in a New York City park, children experience musicians playing music outside and learn about musical dynamics in this very energetic and one of a kind video. Children will learn about fast and slow, high and low, and loud and soft.

  • Opposites

    In an imaginative children's bedroom, a brother and sister tell about their day teaching the child viewers about "opposites," in this clever and catchy song.

  • Things That Go Round

    Filmed at Adventurer's Park in Brooklyn, Miss Merry and children spend the day at a children's amusement park and point out all the rides, games, and activities that both 'go round, and are circular in nature. A theme in many of these videos, children learn how to make connections between various...