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Up Next in Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Weekly Rental)

  • Hop On My Bike

    A little girl narrates a story about how she learns to ride a bicycle. On her journey, she falls off her bicycle but learns that she can persevere after her setback. Children will learn the movements involved in riding a bicycle. This is a great tool for classrooms and can be used as a seated mov...

  • Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh

    A little girl narrates a story about how she catches a song from a bird. The song pattern follows her throughout the day and takes on different sounds, such as footsteps, door knocking, brooms sweeping, dogs barking, and even chewing! This video is a great resource for drawing attention to sounds...

  • What Would A ... ?

    What would an elephant look like doing a lion dance? In this masterful animated video, children and Miss Merry go on a safari and move along with animals who pretend to dance like other animals. Child viewers are sure to dance along.