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Up Next in Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Weekly Rental)

  • Turn Your Body Around

    Children are sure to "turn their bodies around" as they enter a 1950s diner "Happy Days"-inspired world. Children move from "side to side," "take two steps" back and follow other moves as they dance, sing and play in a 1950s play space.

  • Goodbye (New)

    Children wave and sing goodbye as they recall the movement activities they performed that day. Children watching will clap along and dance with the children on screen in this creative video about saying goodbye.

  • Willow Tree in the Wind

    Children learn about nature and the seasons as a little girl tells a story about her relationship and friendship with a willow tree throughout fall, winter, spring and summer. This delightful animated video explores the emotional connection between humans and nature through a child's eyes.