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Up Next in Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Weekly Rental)

  • What Are the Odds?

    In this classic video, children not only learn about odd numbers, the days of the week, and the planets, but also hear a musical scale based on "odd numbered" scale degrees.

  • This Way, That Way

    Children learn about directions as two little girls sing about all the various ways things move through this catchy hip-hop inspired song. Children observe the ways windshield wipers move, the way subway doors open and close, and how cars move in opposite directions on a highway.

  • Turn Your Body Around

    Children are sure to "turn their bodies around" as they enter a 1950s diner "Happy Days"-inspired world. Children move from "side to side," "take two steps" back and follow other moves as they dance, sing and play in a 1950s play space.