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  • Wheels

    Children learn about several types of transportation and how "wheels" are the commonality between various vehicles. In this animated and creative video, children take cars, trucks, trains, roller skates and almost every other modes of transportation. In addition to seeing commonalities between ve...

  • Hop On My Bike

    A little girl narrates a story about how she learns to ride a bicycle. On her journey, she falls off her bicycle but learns that she can persevere after her setback. Children will learn the movements involved in riding a bicycle. This is a great tool for classrooms and can be used as a seated mov...

  • Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh

    A little girl narrates a story about how she catches a song from a bird. The song pattern follows her throughout the day and takes on different sounds, such as footsteps, door knocking, brooms sweeping, dogs barking, and even chewing! This video is a great resource for drawing attention to sounds...