Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Yearly Rental)

Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Yearly Rental)

As seen on PBS Stations across the country, this series engages young children in a way that is both joyous and developmentally appropriate. Not only is this collection artful, interesting, and highly imaginative, it is perfect for developing both gross and fine motor skills, language acquisition, and can be used as a supplementary tool to meet early learning standards in conjunction with a formal preschool curriculum.

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Music with Miss Merry: Volumes 1-3 (Yearly Rental)
  • Chinatown

    In this classic video, Miss Merry and a friend share their adventure visiting Chinatown in this catchy and rhythmic song. Children viewers will experience famous landmarks in Chinatown and Little Italy in New York City as they learn about Chinese cuisine.

  • Jump High

    In this classic video, children follow every direction as they jump as high as they can in this very catchy song and child appropriate video. This video is perfect for preschool classrooms in need of the perfect gross motor movement and circle time song.

  • My Eyes, Your Eyes

    In this fun video which is a great resource for teaching body parts and eye-hand coordination, children learn different ways to move their eyes, mouth, face, and arms in this catchy and upbeat song.

  • Can You Paint a Rainbow?

    Children learn about colors and shapes as they paint pictures in a beautifully designed play space guided by Miss Merry. Children also learn how to express emotions through creativity.

  • Goodbye

    In this "Goodbye" video, children recap all the fun dances they did together. Children watching will clap hands, sway sideways, jump up and down and dance along with children as they celebrate a fun time together.

  • Hello (New)

    Child viewers will instantly follow along by clapping, swaying, and jumping as children sing hello in this very upbeat and catchy video. This is a perfect classroom tool for getting kids up off their seats and onto their feet!

  • What Are the Odds?

    In this classic video, children not only learn about odd numbers, the days of the week, and the planets, but also hear a musical scale based on "odd numbered" scale degrees.

  • This Way, That Way

    Children learn about directions as two little girls sing about all the various ways things move through this catchy hip-hop inspired song. Children observe the ways windshield wipers move, the way subway doors open and close, and how cars move in opposite directions on a highway.

  • In the Garden

    Children learn fruits, vegetable, colors in this classic catchy favorite. In this colorful and catchy video, children guess which fruit or vegetable appears next based on clues. This is a great video for learning colors, healthy eating, and for building emergent literacy skills.

  • Air Guitar

    Children engage in pretend guitar playing when a Monkey on a cereal box comes to life and starts playing air guitar. In this high energy video featuring children pretending to be rock stars, child viewers happily and eagerly follow along to this classic one of a kind song.

  • Frogs Eat Butterflies

    Children are introduced to ecology concepts in this video inspired by the Wallace Stevens poem "Frogs Eat Butterflies." Set in a pretend play, early century setting, Merry and a child make observations about how animals rely on other animals for survival.

  • Circle

Children learn how to form a circle by holding hands in this catchy classic production as seen on PBS stations. Not only do children learn social skills as they cooperate to form a circle but circular shapes are introduced and celebrated by a one of a kind hoola hoop artist. This video is perfec...

  • Turn Your Body Around

    Children are sure to "turn their bodies around" as they enter a 1950s diner "Happy Days"-inspired world. Children move from "side to side," "take two steps" back and follow other moves as they dance, sing and play in a 1950s play space.

  • Bubbles

    Set in a Hawaiian play space, children learn all the exciting and interesting bubbles that can be created as Jeff Boyer, a bubble artist performs his bubble magic. For children at home or at school, this is the perfect opportunity to exercise fine motor skills and pop bubbles!

  • Willow Tree in the Wind

    Children learn about nature and the seasons as a little girl tells a story about her relationship and friendship with a willow tree throughout fall, winter, spring and summer. This delightful animated video explores the emotional connection between humans and nature through a child's eyes.

  • Goodbye (New)

    Children wave and sing goodbye as they recall the movement activities they performed that day. Children watching will clap along and dance with the children on screen in this creative video about saying goodbye.

  • Happy, Happy Birthday

    In this very fun and colorful set, Miss Merry and her band celebrate a child's birthday with a special cake, balloons, and presents.

  • Big, Big, Big, Big Super Square

    Learn about different shapes such as squares, ovals, triangles, and diamonds as a superhero named "Super Square," guides Miss Merry and her friend on various adventures.

  • Butterfly

    Children pretend to be caterpillars that transform into butterflies in this highly imaginative production with original sets and costumes. Children are introduced to scientific concepts such as a "cocoon" in a playful and child appropriate way. It's a wonderful springboard into teaching children ...

  • Funny Farm

    In this hilarious video, children laugh at roosters who say "moo," cows that say "cock-a-doodle do," and several animals who mistakenly use the wrong animal sounds. For teachers, parents, and educators who understand the value of using word play to build pre literacy skills, this video facilitate...

  • Who's Got a Belly?

    Children will joyfully follow along as they do the "Innie and Outie" dance in this hilarious favorite as seen on PBS Stations. Join Miss Merry as she pretends to be a game show host who transforms into different caricatures as children learn to identify their body parts while doing a fun dance. T...

  • Five Senses

    Child viewers happily hum along while watching a story of a little boy who teaches them about the five senses. Children will learn "see, hear, touch, taste, and smell," as they hear a song and watch an upbeat video that associates the senses with real-life experiences. This video is also a wonder...

  • Alphabet City

    Children will travel the world visiting cities that match the alphabet from Athens to Zanzibar City, all along meeting new friends and learning about the world around them.

  • Let's Go for a Walk

    Learn about the seasons in this beautifully produced video directed by critically acclaimed director, Josephine Decker. In this piece, a child is guided by Mother Nature and shares her joy and experiences as she goes for a walk through every season.

  • Nutshells

    Children learn how to count down from five-to-one in this one-of-a-kind concept video. This video not only teaches children early mathematical concepts, but it also links a mathematical concept to a musical concept as both share a descending pattern.

  • Where Is It?

    Children chase a musical note as it flies through a magical play space, In the search for the music note, children learn the names of their body parts to see where the musical note has landed.

  • Opposites

    In an imaginative children's bedroom, a brother and sister tell about their day teaching the child viewers about "opposites," in this clever and catchy song.

  • Let's Fly

    Teach your children about famous United States landmarks as Miss Merry and a friend fly around the country in a 1920s-style animated plane. Children will learn about various American cities, such as New York, Miami, St. Louis, and Salt Lake City, through this unique production of modern animation...

  • I Love You

    In this highly imaginative play space, Merry and children pretend play house and she sings about all the different ways she loves the children. Children feel nurtured and loved as they play along in this incredibly warm and child appropriate video.

  • Goodnight to You

    The perfect video to help a child calm down, this artistically inspired lullaby instantly puts children at ease and relaxes them as they say goodnight to familiar characters in nursery rhymes.

  • Who's a Knockin'?

    In this classic video, a neighborhood pest knocks on doors in this child inspired crafted neighborhood playing knock-knock jokes on all of her neighbors. As children build pre-literacy skills in the early years, this video inspires endless child directed "knock-knock" jokes.

  • Silly Animal Friends

    Children have a blast at a sleepover party as they engage in word play about silly animals such as a cow whose painting is in a "mooseum,” and a horse who is a noisy "naay-neigbor." This video is a great addition to any classroom, teacher or parent who sees the value in word play and its connecti...

  • Shake It Loud

    Filmed in a New York City park, children experience musicians playing music outside and learn about musical dynamics in this very energetic and one of a kind video. Children will learn about fast and slow, high and low, and loud and soft.

  • Macaroni

    What can I do with macaroni? In this very catch song and video, Miss Merry and children feature all the imaginative and fun crafts they have made with macaroni while doing a special dance called the "Macaroni."

  • Stomp the Floor

    Children viewers will exercise gross motor skills and follow along with Miss Merry to this upbeat stomping song which teaches not only musical concepts, such as dynamics, but tells a story about children who love to dance so loudly that they disturb their grandmother who lives downstairs. But, th...

  • Things That Go Round

    Filmed at Adventurer's Park in Brooklyn, Miss Merry and children spend the day at a children's amusement park and point out all the rides, games, and activities that both 'go round, and are circular in nature. A theme in many of these videos, children learn how to make connections between various...

  • Keep On Truckin'

    Children engage in pretend play as truck drivers in this fun video while learning about different kinds of trucks, such as tow trucks, firetrucks, ice cream trucks, postal trucks, and tractors!

  • Swimming in the Sea

    Children learn about sea animals as Miss Merry and children go scuba diving in an animated sea adventure. In this creative music and movement video, children will swim, dive like dolphins, crawl like lobsters, and bop like seahorses in this underwater adventure.

  • Wheels

    Children learn about several types of transportation and how "wheels" are the commonality between various vehicles. In this animated and creative video, children take cars, trucks, trains, roller skates and almost every other modes of transportation. In addition to seeing commonalities between ve...

  • Hop On My Bike

    A little girl narrates a story about how she learns to ride a bicycle. On her journey, she falls off her bicycle but learns that she can persevere after her setback. Children will learn the movements involved in riding a bicycle. This is a great tool for classrooms and can be used as a seated mov...

  • Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh

    A little girl narrates a story about how she catches a song from a bird. The song pattern follows her throughout the day and takes on different sounds, such as footsteps, door knocking, brooms sweeping, dogs barking, and even chewing! This video is a great resource for drawing attention to sounds...

  • What Would A ... ?

    What would an elephant look like doing a lion dance? In this masterful animated video, children and Miss Merry go on a safari and move along with animals who pretend to dance like other animals. Child viewers are sure to dance along.

  • Maraca Cha-Cha

    Children learn the "Maraca Cha-Cha" dance as a way to turn their feelings of sadness into happiness. In this brightly colorful video full of colorful hand crafted maracas, Merry and a child enter into a fantasy space and are greeted by professional dance teacher who teaches them the maraca cha-cha.